Updated at 19:48,25-10-2020

Riot police brutally detain shoppers at symbal.by store (video).


Riot police brutally detain shoppers at symbal.by store (video).
Paddy wagon near the symbal.by store / video screenshot
On the evening of June 23, many visitors came to the symbal.by shop for purchases. When they had found out that the shop was closing, they decided to support it.

Everyone could not fit in the store, so a line formed near it. Symbal.by employees were running a video stream from the scene.

At some point the shoppers saw a padd wagon parking at to the store. When they saw it, potential customers rushed to the side.

The NEXTA blogger posted a video of the arrests outside the store.

According to Euroradio, the symbal.by shop announced that it was closing on June 29, so it invited those who wanted to buy goods to do that until the end of the week. The business of Pavel Belavus had been undergoing inspections by a variety of agencies over the past two weeks after police seized more than 400 T-shirts with the inscription "ПСИХО3%" or psychosis. The production shop was closed down, citing a threat to national security.

In addition, the shop was disconnected from the electricity supply despite all necessary contracts.