Updated at 17:39,28-11-2020

News anchor quits state TV channel


News anchor quits state TV channel
Siarhei Savitski / facebook.com/sergei.sav.5
News presenter on the state-owned channel STV Siarhei Savitski has quit.

He posted a selfie with his employment record certificate and wrote in his Facebook post: "That's it! I simply want to stay honest with myself, in the first place."

When on STV, the journalist hosted shows on sports and later on economic news. Before STV, he worked at the state radio and the ONT TV channel.

Over the past several weeks, many journalists have quit the state TV channels and the state-owned news agency BELTA, citing their desire to tell the truth about the developments in the country.

Ну вот и все! Просто хочу остаться честным по отношению, в первую очередь, к самому себе...

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