Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

“Picketing With Protest Symbols On Shop Counter”. Gift Shop Employees Jailed For 20 Days


“Picketing With Protest Symbols On Shop Counter”. Gift Shop Employees Jailed For 20 Days
Photo: symbal.by
On 30 January, a search was conducted at the Symbal.by office. Four employees of the souvenir shop were first taken to a police station and then to the detention centre on Okrestin Street. On 3 February, two of them were sentenced to twenty days of administrative arrest.

“The trial of Nikita Brovka and Ksenia Miklashevskaya has ended. They were charged under three articles 17.1, 23.4, 23.34. The main thing for which they were tried: they held a picket by placing products with [protest] symbols on the counter of the store,” shop director Pavel Belous wrote on his Facebook page.

Later the counsellor for the accused clarified that his clients were sentenced to administrative arrest for petty hooliganism and disobedience to a lawful order of an official. Reports under the article on picketing have not yet been considered, the lawyer said.

On Thursday, two more employees – Olga Ignatovich and Anastasia Trofimchik – are to be tried. Recall that on 30 January, officers of the Department for Economic Crimes searched the office of the shop on Masherov Street, they confiscated all the goods and equipment.

Symbal.by iction: those with a coat of arms Pogonya and a white-red-white flag, things with ornaments, board games. The goods worth about 20 thousand rubles were confiscated,” said Pavel Belous.

Symbal.by is a shop of Belarusian gifts, souvenirs, artisan-crafted accessories and traditional clothing. BelarusFeed has repeatedly advised its readers coming to Belarus and willing to take something really unique and all-Belarusian back home to go visit it.