Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

UDF will Interview Vorsha Citizens

Radio Liberty

Until April 25 – the day of elections to local councils – a survey of citizens of Vorsha district will be held. The campaign starts in mid March. The decision was taken by the Bureau of the United Democratic Forces.

The new campaign has developed from an idea of primaries, that is, preliminary rating choice of a single presidential candidate of the United Democratic Forces. Vorsha coalition of democratic forces thought it was time to look at the situation both wider and deeper, says the chairman of the local branch of the BPF Party Ales Shutau:

"Politicians are always guided by the opinion of the people. But hardly anyone asks voters about their position. Therefore, we want to find out the profile of public opinion of the residents of our region."

The head of the UDF Research and Information Group Vatslau Areshka explains:

"We position the campaign in this very way – as a campaign for activation of Vorsha voters and for ascertaining public opinion on the necessity of a political alternative – both in form of opposition leaders and public opinion, and in form of campaigning and providing information on the position of democratic forces in connection with the situation in Belarus and the crisis. That is, simultaneously we will spread our printed materials and ideas."

Mr. Areshka says that since the primaries actually turn into a poll, the form of the document which Vorsha district residents will receive also changes:

"Instead of voting ballots, a questionnaire with several questions will be handed out. The first relates to whether there are problems in Belarus which the current authorities are unable to resolve. And if there are problems, the role of the opposition is found out – whether it can help, whether a person can cooperate with the opposition to protect his/her interests. And then a list of persons who may be supported as an alternative to Lukashenka is provided.

In this sense, the list remains open. When voting, citizens can write down into it other names as well. And in this situation the most important is not who will be there first, but, as we wanted, how many people will take part in this campaign."