Updated at 14:13,22-06-2018

Solidarity action disrupted in Minsk (photo)


The opposition that traditionally holds the Solidarity Day action with the political prisoners and the families of the disappeared politicians on this day of every month today failed to stage a street action on October Square in central Minsk. Our correspodent reports from the scene that only police buses and uniformed and plainclothes police agents can be seen.

The Radio Svaboda reports that opposition activists have been detained on approach to the square. Mikola Dzemidzenka from the Youth Front opposition group was detained around 1800. Activists Ales Charnyshou and Dzmitry Kakhavets were arrested right on the square.

According to nn.by, four people were standing on the square holding the portraits of Autukhovich and Aleh Surhan, an activist from Vitsebsk. Several minutes into the action, 15 special police agents surrounded the protesters and took them to a police bus.

New thing. Four people wearing blue jackets saying "Information Group" were on the square, talking to journalists and taking photographs and saying that the most secure place was near them.