Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Members of European Parliament Wish to Monitor Local Elections in Belarus


European parliamentarians wish to see how the changes in the electoral laws will be applied.

The European Parliament expects Belarus to invite observers to the regional polls, Kristian Wigenin, the chairman of the European Parliament's delegation to Euronest, told a news conference on March 24. MEPs would like to observe how the recently passed amendments to the election laws would be implemented and if there are real positive breakthroughs in this field.

Although the European Parliament usually monitors the presidential and parliamentary elections, an invitation from Belarus to the local polls would be a positive sign. For instance, last week a decision was taken to form a delegation of observers for the local polls in Georgia, the MEP said.

Kristian Wigenin noted that the local elections would become one of the most important indicators of Belarus's readiness to move forward. Belarus MPs' pesence in Brussels will depend on that.

Foreign diplomats could also monitor the local polls. "I hope that as we were told the foreign diplomats will be allowed to observe the local elections and they could prepare a report for us", Wigenin said.