Updated at 11:25,18-04-2018

Belarus is the Only Poland Neighbouring Country where National Mourning was Not Declared

Svyatlana Kalinkina, skalinkina.livejournal.com

Alyaksandr Lukashenka signed a decree declaring a day of mourning only once. It was in 1999 after people died in stampede at the Nyamiha (Nemiga) metro station in Minsk.

Two days of mourining were declared then, May 31 and June 1. The tragedy which happened during the concert in the capital and killed 53 persons could not be ignored. But he didn't punish anybody for that tragedy...

No other tragedies were grounds for declaring mouring. When our pilots died in the Polish city of Radom, only in the town of Baranavichy mourning was held. 11 our pilots died in Somalia, and there was not even a hint of mourning. Moreover, the aviators recieved posthumous decorations after a year and a half, though Lukashenka awards his guards of his security service for some unclear heroic deeds endlessly.

When 5 pupils died during a physical training lesson after a roof collapsed in a rural school of Krasnapolye in 2004, it was not found a good reason for mourinig too. Nobody knows where Lukashenka was then, as he graced the site of the tragedy with his presence several days after.

And finally, the tradegy in the asylum for senior and disabled citizens in Kazloushchyna, where 31 inmate died, was not a reason for declaring mourning as well.

Our regime does not mourn for its citizens. No wonder that Belarus is the only Poland's neighbouring country where national mourning for the victims of the plane crash near Smolensk was not declared. And if one comes to think about that, an official Belarusian delegation should have attended the events in Katyn as thousands of murdered Belarusians are sleeping in this cursed forest. But they were not there. None of Minsk official representatives have ever visited Katyn. Why?..Because this regime likes the word "nation" a lot, but does not see concrete people with their fates and tragedies behind it.