Updated at 18:21,18-06-2018

Fines for participation in anti-corruption picket


The court of Baranavichy fined Young Front activists Artsyom Lastavetski, Pyotr Ruzau, Syamyon Bylinski, and Yury Bahdanovich.

The youth activists were detained in the evening August 16, when they unfurled a banner "No to Corruption" in front of the Baranavichy city executive committee, Radio Svaboda reports.

"Administrative cases of Pyotr Ruzau and Yury Bahdanovich were considered by judge Aksana Zharakhman. The cases of Syamyon Bylinski and Artsyom Lastavetski were heard by Tatsyana Zhyrko. All young people got fines," said human rights activist Syarhei Housha, who attended the trial.

According to the human rights activist, Pyotr Ruzau is accused of violation part 1 of article 34.34 and fined 5 basic units. Besides, Ruzau got a fine of 2 basic units for ignoring a summons to appear in the military enlistment office of Baranavichy. The sum of both fines is 245,000 Belarusian rubles.

Yury Bahdanovich was fined 175,000 rubles. Syamyon Bylinski and Artsyom Lastavetski were fined 140,000 rubles each.

"Young Front" activists applied for holding a picket, but the local authorities refused to give a permit, as, according to them, the place near the executive committee cant be used for mass street events.

The "Young Front" activists spent the night in the pre-trial detention facility.