Updated at 11:25,18-04-2018

Lukashenka Set to Run for Presidency


Alexander Lukashenka is not refusing from taking part in the next presidential elections. He said it in an interview with Reuters.

Lukashenka said he had not take his decision yet over his participation in the presidential elections. However, there are no factors that would force him to refuse from running for presidency. according to the Belarusian leader. He said: "On the opposite, if I refused, people would not understand me. This would look like fear... If you lose, you lose; if you win, you win. Therefore, I am calm about it".

The official news agency BELTA notes that Lukashenka also said he did not think when he would step down: "As for my age, I must tell you that I became president too early. Perhaps, I have bored you to some degree. In my current age, people normally become mature politicians and presidents. It is dangerous earlier".