Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Top 10 of Belarusian High-ranking "Emigrants" to Russia

Translated by Charter-97

Former Belarusian officials, specialists in every field, can be found in big Russian institutions.

Experts of "Zavtra Tvoey Strany" have studied the emigration wave of the Belarusian high-ranking officials, who retired for different reasons and have moved to Russia.

1. Former minister of internal affairs Uladzimir Navumau. According to the latest information, since the beginning of the year, Navumau has been an advisor to Sergei Chemezov, director general of Russian Technologies state corporation. The corporation was created for state asset management in different sectors, though most of its interests lay in a military area. The corporation, controlled personally by Vladimir Putin, unites some hundreds of enterprises.

2. Leanid Yeryn, head of the Belarusian KGB in 20002004, is an advisor to Vladimir Yakunin, president of the state-run Russia railways company.

3. Ural Latypau, former head of the Presidents Administration (20012004), was chairman of the consultative council of Lukoil-Belarus, a subsidiary of the biggest private oil company in Russia. Since 2008, Ural Latypau has been heading Direct Management, controlling MTZ Rubin company, one of Moscows biggest developers owned by Alexander Milyavski coming from Minsk.

4. Uladzimir Yarmoshyn, former mayor of Minsk (19952000) and prime minister (20002001), also worked for Milyavski and occupied different posts for some years. After a short term of governing representative office of MTS company in Minsk (20022003), he left for Moscow and headed there Rubin investment company in 2004 and later performed duties of MTZ Rubin company.

5. Viktar Rakhmanko, former head of the Belarusian railway, is the only person who continued working in his field. In 2001, he was dismissed from this position and resigned from the Council of the Republic for abuse of power and large-scale stealing. Rakhmanko now heads the Transport Division of the Investment and Building Department.

6. Two former influential top-managers in the oil industry work in Moscow in Lukoil, the most friendly oil company for Belarus. They are Valery Kokarau, the former director general of Beloruneft and deputy prime minister responsible for oil industry (19942001). He occupies a modest post of deputy director general for science and innovations at Lukoil- affiliated Ritek company.

7. Uladzimir Mulyak, working for Belorusneft company in 19962001, had to leave Belarus. He found a job in Komi Fuel and Energy Company and got some promotions in the parent company. Now he Lukoils vise president and head of the Main Division of Oil and Gas Production and Infrastructure.

8. Former aide to the president Syarhei Posakhau is another influential official, a close associate of Alyaksandr Lukashenka. He moved to St Petersburg and held different posts in a subsidiary company of St Petersburgs big building holding LenSpecSMU.

9. The list wouldnt be complete without Ivan Tsitsyankou, former hear of presidential affairs department, who opened the way to Moscow for high-ranking Belarusian emigrants. He retired in 1999 and became head of logistics department at Itera company. A year later he started his own business.

10. Alyaksandr Chadovich, the chief architect of Minsk since 1996. He retired in 2003 and found a job as vise president for architecture at MTZ Rubin company.