Updated at 00:16,23-05-2018

Ukraine Acknowledges $134M Debt to Belarus


Ukraine's Ambassador to Belarus Roman Bessmertny has acknowledged his country's debt to Belarus of $134 million in an interview with the Ukrainian newspaper Levy Bereg.

"The amount of the debt was fixed during the intergovernmental talks and acknowledged by the Ukrainian side. Now we have to search for a mechanism to solve this issue. As of today, the debt amounts to $134 million. There were difficult discussions, with the numbers amounted to $300- $50 million, but the amount mentioned by myself was fixed in documents several times.Apparently, we will have to resolve this situation", the Ukrainian diplomat noted.

He stressed that Belarus ties Ukraine's debt payments with the demarcation of the Ukraine-Belarus border.

Bessmertny said that Belarus also touched upon the issues associated with Belarus' property on the territories of the Crimea and the Chernigov region of Ukraine.