Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

UDF Working out Strategy for Victory in Elections

news portal www.UDF.BY

On Tuesday, at the meeting of the Presidium of the Political Council of the United Democratic Forces, only one issue was addressed – participation in the upcoming presidential campaign. The Presidium assumed the document entitled "Abstracts of the Strategy for Victory" as a basis.

The paper outlines key areas in which development of a strategy for victory in the elections will be held, as the member of the UDF Presidium, deputy chairman of the "Fair World" Party Valery Ukhnaliou reported to the news portal www.UDF.BY. According to him, the Belarusian society is implanted with the idea that participation in elections is meaningless, because the result is predetermined and is achieved through falsifications.

"We believe that democratic forces of Belarus, with a certain organisation of work, have real chances to win in the upcoming presidential election", said Valery Ukhnaliou.

The UDF Planning and Analysis Group together with the Presidium will continue to work on the document. It is planned that on July 20-21 it will be presented to other pro-democratic organisations of Belarus. This may be not only political parties but also public associations and trade unions – all those "ready to participate, to discuss, and to correct the document", said Valery Ukhnaliou.

He also mentioned that although the UDF coalition supports the election of a single presidential candidate from the opposition, the strategy is being developed based on the fact that at present there is no such candidate.

"In the meantime, the unifying core for the democratic forces might be the strategy. Its implementation can be launched now, regardless of who will be the single candidate and whether he will be at all", said the politician.