Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Belarusian police: Congratulations with Independence Day is arbitrary behaviour


Congratulating Homel dwellers with the 20th anniversary of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Belarus by Homel oppositionists was considered arbitrary behaviour by police.

An administrative protocol about that was drawn up on August 18 against one of the participants of the rally, chairman of Homel regional branch of the United Civil party Vasily Palyakou.

As BelaPAN was informed by Palyakou, he and his associate, members of the coordinating committee of the United Democratic forces of Homel region, held a rally on July 26, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the declaration’s adoption, and disseminated cards among dwellers of the city. Some of the participants of the rally were detained by police and taken to the police department, but reports were not drawn up against them.

"I have written a protest against our illegal detention. I have been summoned to police today. I thought they wanted to investigate my appeal, but it turned out that they decided to punish me, not policemen," Palyakou noted.

As said by him, an administrative report was filed against him by policemen for "arbitrary behaviour" (Article 23.39 of the Administrative Code), that is, "unauthorized use of one’s right with violation of the order prescribed by the law”. The oppositionist was told orally that the greeting cards were signed by “the coordinating committee of the United Democratic Forces", and this organization is unregistered.

Reports against others detained on July 26 have not been drawn up yet. The violation under Article 23.39 of the Administrative Code is punished by a fine from 2 to 10 basic units. It is still unknown when this report would be considered by the court.