Updated at 17:46,10-07-2018

Nyaklyaeu asks Prosecutor General to return his poems to him


The leader of "Tell the truth" campaign has sent a letter to Prosecutor General of Belarus.

Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu reminds that three months have passed since he was detained by for participation in "Tell the truth" civil campaign. A search was held in his house by policemen, all his documents and manuscripts, both paper and electronic ones, were seized.

"What my stories, long short stories, poems and have to do with the Criminal Code, Article 250 in relation with which I had been detained? Nothing. But the response to all my requests to return my literary works to me was silence or formal replies.

Among the seized documents are unfinished and just started works. Diary, intimate records, which concern my personal life exclusively: relations with my friends, acquaintances, wife and children… Does anyone have a right to intervene into all that? On implausible reasons? Basing upon an article which envisages punishment for some false information about some articles of merchandise?.. Or has everything become an article of merchandise in our country?
" the poet asks in his letter.

Nyaklyaeu notes in his letter that when literary works are arrested, the tragic and notable 1930ies come to one’s mind involuntarily. "Judging by the actions the law-enforcing agencies allow themselves, by the silence with which the society frozen by fear looks at that, we are returning to those times. Like then, now all activities of law-enforcing agencies are not aimed at guaranteeing security of the state, but at defending interests of one person who personifies the power," the leader of "Tel the truth" said.

"I am asking to understand me and to contribute to immediate return of my literary works to me," Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu wrote to Prosecutor General.