Updated at 17:46,10-07-2018

Lukashenko Can Not Over Come the Moral Barrier

Eduard Gevarkin, news portal www.UDF.BY

On the 31st of August Kyrgyzia had the 19th anniversary of its independence. The president got a lot of congratulation letters from the colleagues - presidents of other countries: from president of Tadjikistan Emomali Rahmona, from the president of Poland Bronislav Komarovsky. But the president of Belarus was not in the list.

It is of cause possible to explain the fact with forgetfulness of Alexander Lukashenko, but his press service reported yesterday that the president of Belarus "has congratulated the head of Malaysia Zaina Abidina and the folk of the country with their national celebration - Independent Day".

May be it is possible to make another conclusion - Kyrgyzia is unfriendly country for us, that is why there is no sense to congratulate it, isn't there? No again. Checking the archives of the president press service correspondent of the news portal found out the congratulation letter from the previous year of Alexander Lukashenko to Kurmanbek Bakiev with the national event - Independent Day:

- Alexander Lukashenko pointed that the relations between Belarus and Kyrgyzstan are based on the friendship and mutual understanding. "I am sure the common efforts on extension of bilateral cooperation will lead to further prosperity of our countries",- press service wrote last year.

After deeping in the history it was found one more congratulation letter to another president of Kyrgyzia - Oscar Akaev:

- Alexander Lukashenko was sure that the Belarusian-Kyrgyzian relations based on the mutual respect and trust will develop further fruitful, - reported press service of the Belarusian president on the 31st of August 2003.

But the solution is quite simple. After providing the political asylum for uncherished head of the Asian republic Kurmanbek Bakiev Alexander Lukashenko can not over come the moral barrier - to recognize the new authorities of Kyrgyzia.

Political observer Roman Yakovlevsky reported to the correspondent of the news portal www.UDF.BY that there is nothing uncommon in the congratulation of the head of Malaysia: "Lukashenko congratulated earlier the less known leaders. As far as the protocol it says".

To his mind "the absence of the congratulation (not with the Birthday) with the Kirgyzian state celebration makes the position of Lukashenko in connection with support of the president Bakiev even worse. Mrs. Otunbaeva participated legally in the last summit of CSTO, which president will become the head of Belarus in December this year". That's why "the ignoring of the present president of Kyrgyzia looks non productive", underlined R. Yakovlevsky.