Updated at 17:46,10-07-2018

Suzdaltsau: Russia wants another President in Belarus


The statements of the leader of the Russian President's Administration show that the conflict between Russian and Belarusian governments will be continued. Such opinion has been declared by the Russian political scientist Andrej Suzdaltsau in his conversation with Euroradio.

Let us remind you that Siarhej Naryshkin met with Belarusian journalists on October 13. According to Suzdaltsau, this meeting should not be considered a step to peace between official Minsk and Moscow. To his opinion, the meeting was just summarizing the results of the informational war between the two countries.

Suzdaltsau: "It was a totally bureaucratic event, where they said Russia was not going to interfere into the Belarusian elections. However, Russia is ready to cooperate with the new President. Russian government's ideology with regard to Belarus is distracting the personality of Aliaksandr Lukashenka out of the whole context. Russia did not quarrel with the rest of the state, with nomenclature, or Belarusian people".

To the opinion of the Belarusian political scientist Sviatlana Navumava, Siarhej Naryshkin is a good diplomat. Everyone could hear what they wanted to hear in his speech. Someone heard continuation of conflict, someone heard peace.

Navumava: "Strategically speaking, it seems to me it's not the hand of friendship. It's an attempt to extinguish the conflict a bit. But the conflict itself will be continued".