Updated at 22:16,14-07-2020

Ex-presidential contender fired for being absent from duty


The former presidential contender, head of the external economical activity department of Vitsebsk fruit and vegetable processing plant "Nouka" Siarhej Ryzhou has been presented the discharge order. The order states he was absent from duty on the day when he first was in polyclinics, and then in the court. The directive board of the enterprise did not take into consideration the documents confirming the above.

Ryzhou: "We are talking about the situation which happened on October 4, when I was forced to call the local doctor due to exacerbation of a chronical disease. I also had a summon to the regional court, which considered my complaint at the fact of refusal in registration of Levinau Paval as representative of territorial election commission on that day. I was there since 12 o'clock. I provided all the necessary documents, confirming the above facts, to the directive board of the enterprise, however, that did not prevent them from giving the illegal discharge order".

In addition to the above, the former leader of his nomination group was also fired almost at the same time.

Ryzhou: "The head of my nomination group Daniil Hitsovich was forced to resign upon "mutual agreement of the parties". Friday was his last working day at this enterprise".

As it was stated to Euroradio by Siarhej Ryzhou, he was not going to just obey the order and would claim it in court. However, he also confessed he did not believe in justice and did not expect the case to be a success.