Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

Lukashenka: We do not insist that Russia recognizes the election


According to the Belarusian dictator, he "wont die" if Russia doesnt recognize the presidential election.

Belarus wont insist that Russia recognize the presidential election. Alyaksandr Lukashenka made this statement in an interview to the leading German media, BelTA news agency reports.

"To recognize or not to recognize, its up to Russia to decide. This is this countrys rights, its sovereign right. Well give close attention to this," the ruler said. "Under our laws, we do not need any recognitions. 15 years ago you didnt recognize the existence of our country let alone elections. So what? Did we die from that?" he noted.

What concerns the presidential election in Belarus, Alyaksandr Lukashenka thinks too much is being done in the country to convince the world that the election will be honest. "You know, I sometimes catch myself thinking that my colleagues and I are doing too much to try to convince you that our elections have been and will be honest," he said. "We are also trying to convince you that the election will be held in accordance with the law. Dont you like anything in our elections? Say if we have violated the Constitution and our law. If there are not such violations, would you be so kind as to agree with us?"

"We have created a certain political system, including this system of power. You may like this system or not, but it exists. We took the realities in our country as the foundation when creating this system. We didnt create it for the Germans, we didnt create it in order you like it. We did it to save our state and our nation after the Soviet Union had collapsed. We have solved the tasks, among them aims of power, we were trying to solve when creating the system. Our system evolves and develops. Maybe the rates are not as speedy as the Germans want, but they depend on the rates of development of our society and our economy," the dictator said.