Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Red-green billboards "Victory is in Our Hands" appear in Minsk - photo


Minsk City Executive Committee does not know who has created the poster and the Central Election Commission is sure that it advertises the election rather than a certain candidate.

A strange election poster has appeared in Minsk not far from "Dryzhnaya". The date of the election is written in the red-green background and there is a guy whose face is hidden. There is a red-green inscription below the young man – "Victory is in Our Hands" and you can see "Victory is in Our Hearts" on his chest.

The billboard hosting the poster belongs to a private agency. Its contents can be explained by the recent order of Minsk City Executive Committee – 50% of capital billboards should host social advertisements. The agency the billboard belongs to has explained it to ERB.

Agency employee: "A lot for billboards host social ads now. The city has ordered it. It was not done by a client; it’s the city’s order. Social ads will be there until December 20".

The agency will resume hosting clients’ ads in its billboards after the election, added the employee.

According to the Central Election Commission, the billboard does not advertise a certain candidate, it advertises the election. Any presidential candidate could host such an ad on a billboard, said the CEC secretary Mikalai Lazavik.

Mikalai Lazavik: "This is information about the election. It is not agitation in support of a particular candidate. It could be said by Lukashenka, Statkevich, Sannikau and Us. This is an information poster".
There was a slogan "For Belarus" at the last election, reminded Mr. Lazavik.

Mikalai Lazavik: "It resembles the BPF’s motto "Live Belarus!". It is wrong to consider it to be the current President’s propaganda. However, some people think that this very poster is agitation for the current President. You could think so if you were imaginative enough".

By the way, ERB has not managed to find the person responsible for the creation of the posters in Minsk City Executive Committee.