Updated at 22:16,14-07-2020

Hillary Clinton and Catherine Ashton adopt resolution on Belarus


The US Secreatry of State Hillary Clinton and the High Representative of the EU Catherine Ashton have adopted a common resolution with regard to the situation after the election in Belarus.

It is said in the statement, the full text of which is published at the US Embassy's web-site, that the USA and the European Union once again call on immediate release of all the presidential candidates and more than 600 detained demonstrants.

"Taken together, the elections and their aftermath represent an unfortunate step backwards in the development of democratic governance and respect for human rights in Belarus. The people of Belarus deserve better", - said in the statement.

The EU and the US state serious problems in the election process and in the counting of votes, which have been reflected in the report of the OSCE's observing mission. In connection with that, they insist that the Belarusian authorities should fullfill the obligations on reforming of the election process in the OSCE framework.

"The Government of Belarus should take the steps necessary to create political space for political activists, civil society representatives, and independent journalists."

It is also said in the statement that there will be no increase in the relations between Belarus and the USA and the EU without a considerable progress in the spheres of respect for democracy and human rights.

"It is against this background that we will be assessing the Government of Belarus‘s actions to address the current situation and to take developments into account as we review our relations with Belarus", — says the stetement of Clinton and Ashton.