Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

EC President: We cannot forget about eastern neighbours!


Europes attention is concentrated on the south now. However, Van Rompuy has promised to fulfill "democratic standards commitments" as regards Belarus.

"The Eastern Partnership is the best instrument to enhance our support of the Belarusian civil community", - claimed Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, in Prague on February 23.

However, the EC will continue cooperating with the Belarusian authorities in the framework of the policy of "critical and conditional cooperation". It means that it will depend on Belarusian officials actions aimed at democratization. According to the statement, the method is most effective when it comes to promoting the EUs political priorities.

Herman Van Rompuy has also reminded that the European Council had expressed anxiety in connection with the situation in Belarus a few weeks ago. "We should not forget about mutual commitments in the field of democratic standards, authority of law and human rights", - noted the politician.

The President of the European Council has also drawn attention to the second summit of the Eastern Partnership that will take place this year.

"Despite the fact that the recent events have focused our attention on the south, we cannot forget about the eastern neighbours of the European Union. We assure that the partnership launched in Prague 2 years ago is a new impulse and it is focused on solving strategic problems such as democracy, good administration and progress in settling some conflicts", - said Herman Van Rompuy.