Updated at 18:21,18-06-2018

Opposition coalition to push for broad discussion of proposed amendments to Electoral Code


The United Democratic Forces (UDF) intends to push for a broad discussion of the amendments that the coalition proposes to the Electoral Code, UDF Co-Chairman Anatol Lyabedzka told BelaPAN.

A number of proposals regarding the Electoral Code were discussed at Thursday's meeting of the coalition's board, Mr. Lyabedzka said.

In particular, the coalition will suggest that the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights hold a conference for all interested parties to discuss the Electoral Code and ways of improving it, Mr. Lyabedzka said. "To draw the attention of the broad public, such a conference should be held on the OSCE's initiative," he stressed.

Moreover, the coalition should revise its proposals and suggest, among other things, the introduction of a mixed system for parliamentary elections, Mr. Lyabedzka said.

"It would be fine if the European Union's institutions supported us," he said. "If not, our representative, Stanislaw Bahdankevich, will try to have this issue placed on the agenda of the Public Advisory Council under the aegis of the Presidential Administration."

If the amendments proposed by the UDF are rejected and the application of the current electoral regulations is not improved, it will make no sense to participate in elections, Mr. Lyabedzka said.