Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Hosting company closes former presidential candidate Kazulins website


Former presidential candidate Alyaksandr Kazulins website has been closed by a Russian hosting company following regular hacker attacks.

The website, http://www.kozylin.com, was launched ahead of the 2006 presidential elections that involved Dr. Kazulin as a candidate.

As Syarhey Martsalew, of the opposition politicians press office, told BelaPAN, after launching a series of distributed denial of service attacks, hackers gained access to the internal content of the website. "They destroyed almost the entire content of the website, including material concerning Kazulins trial, independent examinations of the proceedings and other material related to the politicians activities," he said.

Experts corrected errors in the websites programming code to improve its level of protection but more hacker attacks followed.

The attacks finally prompted Russias hosting company to shut down the website. "Apparently, it was done with a view to protecting the server that hosted Kazulins website against attacks," Mr. Martsalew said.