Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Lukashenko is Ready to Send Political Prisoners to Europe in a Wagon

BelTA, translation by news portal www.UDF.BY

This was said by the head of state in Shklov, while commenting on statement of Rodoslaw Sikorski the Head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland presiding in EU. The statement says that EU offers its support and advice on the economic reforms in Belarus in exchange for the release of political prisoners.

"Ive read this offer in mass media and would like to say to Mr. Sikorski, that we had already got his consultations on the eve of presidential elections. You remember when he came to us. Nevertheless, I do not reject his suggestions and consultations, probably he has understood, realized that it was his fault, that its not we, who have created this situation. Well, perhaps, its a signal, we wont refuse it. But we do not need any consultations. As we are smart people. Thats why these consultations are no good to us", - the president said.

"I just dont know around what issues they want to consult us - to sow, to combine, to build we are good at these. Well, when they suddenly farfetched something we dont know, let they come and tell, and we will pay for a good, if they tell us something", - said Alexander Lukashenko.

"Concerning political prisoners, you also know that we dont have today an article of political prisoners. This they want. Frankly, I do not know how many convicted we have on these disorders and are located in places of detention. Out of the 600 of them brought to trial at that time we had 28 or 30 people located in not very remote places, some of them are conditional, others are imprisoned. But it is there, where irrefutable facts are, filmed by Western Journalists as well", - said Alexander Lukashenko. He also said, that in Shklov there is the colony, zone of reinforced regime. "These varmints have nothing to do there. If they get there, they quickly during a week will be called to order. That's why I'm even afraid to keep them there, because they will say, that authorities humiliated them there," - stressed the president.

Thereupon, the head of state also stressed: "I have no intention to bargain with anybody. These are people bad they are, good, it is peoples lives. To bargain with the EU and to exchange these people on some sort of negotiations and discussions, we absolutely do not need it, I say sincerely".

He continued: "If inside EU they want to take them to themselves tomorrow we will write out a ticket and send them out, no problem. Let they pick up if they are the zealots of political prisoners. Tomorrow we will put them in one wagon I will make a decision everyone, even those who are at large today and are mooing in the squares, they specially provoke. All those they do zeal of, tomorrow in a wagon and go there. If faster we will assign a plane, transfer instantly, let they take away. But you will see how they react on it".