Updated at 11:59,19-05-2018

EU should institute position of Special Representative for Belarus


The European Union should institute the position of Special Representative for Belarus, Anatol Lyabedzka, leader of the opposition United Civic Party, said at an international conference titled, "EU-Belarus: Outlines of Partnership," which was held in Minsk on Saturday.

"We would like to have a constant opportunity of telephone contact with a person who would be responsible for the EU’s policy regarding Belarus," Mr. Lyabedzka said. "This person could stay outside Belarus, as requirements for diplomatic relations may be an obstacle. The main thing is that this person should have a responsible attitude to work."

Mr. Lyabedzka also suggested holding an EU-sponsored conference on Belarus. "Free and fair elections in Belarus should be the main subject under discussion," he said. "Without them, one should not expect the economic and political situation in the country to change."

Belarus’ opposition forces are offered to participate in one of the four dimensions of the EU’s Eastern Partnership, which embraces democracy and human rights, but "we should press for our participation in each dimension," Mr. Lyabedzka said.

"We are ready to provide experts who would be able to give a competent opinion on the entire range of issues concerning Belarus’ participation in the Eastern Partnership," he noted.