Updated at 11:59,19-05-2018

Lukashenko will call for help Chinese special forces?

Narodnaya Volia

For unknown reasons, Belarus hushed up the fact that for the first time in our territory the manoeuvres were held together with China. There were no reports in official media on this subject in the first half of July, while manoeuvres, as it turns out, were in full swing at this time.

It is difficult to say where and in what region military strategists predict the possibility of joint actions between Belarusian and Chinese anti-terrorist groups, but the manouevres were dedicated to develop joint anti-terrorist counteractions.

They were held in Baranovichi, that is why it was simply impossible to notice many troops of Chinese commandos.

As it turns out, a unit of special forces of the National Liberation Army of China consisting of 83 people were brought to Baranavichy by military transport aircraft IL-76. And in the opening ceremony of manouevres, which were held for ten days, took part the Commissioner of Nanjing Military District of PLA Chen Golin and the Head of General Staff of Military Forces of Belarus Piotr Tsikhanouski.

According to the newspaper Rénmín Rìbào at the end of last week, Chinese military forces returned to their homeland. According to an official of the main publication of the PRC, in Belarus, they practiced "joint operations of troops of China and Belarus to counteract against terrorists on the territory of Belarus." It is unlikely that such expensive manouevres were held during the crisis for interest. Therefore, the fact of its holding could mean that in an hour "X" Belarus is ready to call for help, even the Chinese military forces. However the question remains open: why Russians were not invited to hold manouevres? There is no hope for them?

Today, when to hide the fact of the Belarusian-Chinese manouevres has become pointless, the press service of the Ministry of Defense issued a brief message that the name of joint Belarusian-Chinese anti-terrorist training is "Swift Eagle - 2011".