Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Pavel Sheremet: Belarusians need to prepare for the fact, that Lukashenko will not go away without the blood

news portal www.UDF.BY

The well-know television journalist believes that situation in Belarus will develop in a bloody scenario, and for the sake of keeping its power Alexander Lukashenko will be ready to shed blood.

-We must be morally prepared for the fact, that this regime will shed blood, that this regime will manifest its criminal essence in full-length. These attacks by the men in civilian, kidnapping its just the beginning. Regime will shed blood. BUT it will be such blood, which it will choke with, - said Sheremet in the interview to Belsat.

The Journalist believes that after the fall of Lukashenko Belarusians will have to spend much time and effort in order to fix errors which was made during his rule.

-Lukashenko is unique only for his shamelessness, for his lies, Lukashenko is unique only because he goes over the heads of people. It was hard to find among the Belarusians such a demonic person, it was hard to find among the Belarusians such a cruel man, so unprincipled as Lukashenko, said Sheremet, commenting on the results of 17 years rule of Lukashenko.