Updated at 17:46,10-07-2018

On July 26 BNF will be forcibly evicted from their office

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As it became known to UDF.BY, the corresponding letter came to the office of Belarusian Popular Front political party.

It says that the party's leadership must provide the unimpeded access to the premises of the Housing Fixing Operational Consolidation (ZHREO) workers.

"The absence of a leader is not an obstacle to the execution of judgement", - the letter says.

The eviction will take place at 10.00.

The chairman of the Sovetsky District police department of Minsk instructed to send police officers to maintain an order during the eviction of BNF.

Let us remind, that the Economic Court of Minsk held on May 10, decided to evict the BNF party, the social movement Belarusian Popular Front "Revival" and also their Minsk' urban and regional structures from their capital office on Masherova Prospect, 8. On 21 of June the board of the Economic Court dismissed the appeal of the party.

Capital office on Masherova Prospect have been rented by the PBNF since 1992. The current lease term has ended on March 11 of 2011. ZHREO of Sovetsky District refused to sign a new rental agreement by filing a lawsuit to evict the structures of PBNF from the premises. ZHREO explained its actions by the necessity for further usage of the premises "for their own needs".

The party leadership, for its part, announced that it will not voluntarily leave the premises on Masherova 8.