Updated at 22:10,27-11-2020

Yanukevich: The BPF party are not so much the walls, but rather people, our supporters


The eviction of BPF party from the office on Masherova Prospect (former Varvasheni str.) in Minsk - "is sad but not the fatal fact," told reporters Alexey Yanukevich the chairman of the party, before it left the office.

"The BPF party are not so much the walls, but rather people, our supporters", - said the politician.

"The current events clearly demonstrate the attitude of the Belarusian authorities towards their political opponents, - said Yanukevich. - The oldest registered political party are forcibly evicted from its office, rented since 1992, with the participation of ZHREO (Housing Fixing Operational Consolidation) workers and the police. This demonstrates the fact of non-belarusian essence of the authorities."

"At first, they took the building of National Humanities Lyceum, the House of Writers, now - the BPF office" - the politician said. Yanukevich believes the the office on Masherova 8, "has already gone down in history and became legendary." In his opinion, an important role in the government's decision to evict the party played the events of 19 of December 2010. "Already on the next day, people have come to us in the office, those who expressed solidarity with the derainees on the elections' day and they offered their help to the prisoners," - said Yanukevich.

He said that the presentation of the new office on Kropotkina 93a str. will be held on August 25.

Gregoriy Kastusiou, the deputy chairman of the party said that over time, the BPF would come back to the place on Masherova 8. "In the future here will be no office, but the Museum of the democratic community of Belarus," - he believes.