Updated at 14:13,22-06-2018

"The hunt" for unwanted advocates continues


Advocates of the political prisoners - Irina Khalip and Nikita Likhavid did not passed the certification

Let us remind, that the Ministry of Justice has initiated at this summer the extraordinary certification of lawyers. As reported by the journalist Irina Khalip , the wife of the candidate for presidency Andrei Sannikov, today it became known that her lawyer Anna Bakhtina was not recertified by the Ministry of Justice. This means that Bakhtina will be disbarred from legal practice.

"The Chairman of the Certification Commission, the head of Administration of Justice of Minsk Executive Committee, Zelenko said that allegedly Bakhtina made the violations of legal practice. Then Zelenko realized on his own that one can not prove it. The lawyer had no violations, in 2010 Bakhitina even got the diploma from the Ministry of Justice for her brilliant work with the following wording: "for protection the rights and freedoms of citizens." And since nobody could not claim any violations, Bakhtina was accused of not being involved in propaganda of justice, of non-writing articles in the official newspapers and of not being appeared in the official newspapers, on radio and television.

But the matter is that since last May till June of the last year Bakhtina was involved in the large trial, where it was 40 defendants. The process lasted for a year and she was engaged from 10 am to 6 pm each day. In parallel she has found time for me, visited me under the house arrest, was preparing for the process and conducted it brilliantly. Bakhtina was not afraid to undertake my defense, while the two lawyers who defended me were disbarred,"
- said Irina Khalip.

At the meeting of the Certification Commission Anna Bakhtina said she would defend herself and would not just give up.

Let us remind, that in February the Ministry of Justice disbarred the four lawyers of Minsk City Bar Association - Oleg Ageyev, Tatiana Ageyeva, Vladimir Tolstik and Tamara Garaeva, who protected defendants in the case of the so-called massive riots in Minsk on December 19. On March 3 from the Bar was expelled Pavel Sapelko the advocate of the presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov.