Updated at 22:10,27-11-2020

Today's tacit protest action was not populous


Today, at the call of the internet-community "Revolution Via Social Networks" in Minsk and regions took place the ninth tacit protest action.

The organizers of the action once again changed its format: the start was planned for 13:00, the places for a meeting are the largest markets in the cities, especially in Minsk - Kamarouski market.

As well as in earlier days of the actions, an access of Belarusian users to the web-site of social network "VKontakte" and its mirror vk.com was locked out.

On the Kamarouski market traditionally there were a lot of customers, but any unusual gathering of people were not observed. The participants of the action didn't designed themselves anyhow. Though, there were many police officers in civilian clothes with headsets. Igor Evseev the Deputy Head of the Minsk police arrived to the market. Journalists have also seen Michael Scanlan the Charge d'Affaires in Belarus , who together with two colleagues came to the market for shopping.

On the square in front of the market many people, including the elderly, discussed the socio-economic and political situation in the country.

The elderly woman talked to reporters and said that she comes to all the protests, because she "wants better life for young people." She herself was no longer able to buy "nor cake, nor vegetables." About holding the tacit protest actions she knows from independent newspapers.

Journalists and police officers gathered near the marker, dispersed about an hour after the action started. On the radio of one of the policemen voiced the command: "Retreat". The video surveillance led by men in civilian clothes was offed.

The frequent participant of tacit protest action told BelaPAN, that today near the Kamarouski market were enough people who regularly visit it. Those people who already know each other by sight, were sitting on benches, walking near the market, but trying no to talk to each other and journalists, in order not to designate themselves, to prevent detentions. It was important for them to come together on the next action.

Such behavior was, incidentally, provided by the format of today's action. The organizers offered to potential participants simply to come together, but not to applaud for security purposes.

Nothing is known about detentions on the Kamarouski market.