Updated at 11:59,21-05-2018

The investigation of the terrorist act in the metro is completed

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The preliminary investigation of the terrorist act that took place in the Minsk metro in April 2011 is finished, as well as that of the explosions in Minsk in 2008 and in Vitebsk in 2005, told reporters on Monday in Minsk, the Deputy Attorney-General of Belarus Andrei Shved.

"The preliminary criminal investigation of the terrorist attacks in the Minsk metro in April this year, as well as in Minsk in 2008 and in Vitebsk in 2005 is completed", - said A. Shved.

"Today the criminal case was forwarded to the prosecutor to be referred to the court" - he added. Most likely, the case will be heard in the Supreme Court, report "Belarusian News".

In the criminal case there are two defendants - Kovalev and Konovalov, both were born in 1986 in Vitebsk. According to Andrei Shved, Kovalev is charged with more than 15 episodes of criminal activity related to the participation in the terrorist act in the Minsk metro, illegal trafficking of explosives, failure to report the crime, concealment of the crime instrument.

Konovalov is accused of committing more than 30 criminal episodes, also he is charged with 4 terrorist acts, illegal acts with explosives, especially tough hooliganism, intentional damage to the property in commonly dangerous way.

The maximum lawful punishment according to Article 289 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (terrorism) is death penalty.

According to Andrei Shved, from the first days of the investigation the suspect, and then - the accused were provided with the legal defence. From their side there were no petitions, complaints and appeals, as well as from the lawyers' side after reading the case materials.

Answering the question of "Interfax-West" agency, if the connection between the terrorists of Belarus and Norway exists, the the Deputy Attorney-General called the information published in some media about the so-called connection between the perpetrators of the terrorist acts in Belarus and the Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik the journalistic canard.

"There is no such information and can not be", - said A. Shved.

According to the Deputy Attorney General, the investigation did not consider that terrorist acts committed in Belarus in 2005, 2008 and 2011 were ordered.

"With full responsibility I declare that during the criminal investigation, the production of the complex search operations, there is no data indicating the presence behind V. Kavalev and D. Konovalov any sponsors or customers there. There is no even the circumstantial evidence" - quotes A. Shved www.interfax.by.

"I strongly believe that they acted independently," - he stated.

Deputy Attorney General noted that there was nothing unusual about the date of April 11, 2011 (the day of the terrorist attack in the Minsk metro), report "Belarusian News". "The crime could be committed, as well as on 10th and on 12th of April. April 11 attacks were carried out by Konovalov and Kovalev owing to the force of circumstances," - said Shved.

15 of our people are killed, hundreds are injured, the damage to more than Br 2 billions," summed up the results of the terrorist act the Deputy Attorney General.