Updated at 18:23,25-06-2018

Expert: Baku is trying to play the geopolitical game with Minsk

Eduard Gevarkin, news portal www.UDF.BY

The statement by the Azerbaijani political analyst Zardusht Alizade, who said that Baku will not specially quarrel with Minsk and Tbilisi at the request of the Kremlin , commented at the request of the news portal UDF.BY the political analyst Roman Yakovlevsky.

- Is it possible to consider granting the loan for $300 million dollars by Azerbaijan to Belarus, as Aliyev's attack against the Moscow tandem or is it the "private game" of Baku?

- To pose the question - whether Aliyev is to speak out against Kremlin in my opinion is not entirely correct. That, what is called the"private game", actually is the protection of their own national interests, but they may not always coincide with a desire of the Kremlin.

- But such actions of the Azerbaijani authorities clearly indicate that Baku is independent from Moscow ... Can we say that at this historical juncture Lukashenko's and Aliyev's interests agree?

- Due to oil, Azerbaijan today can not afford a lot. For example, the trans-Caspian pipeline from Turkmenistan, which does not fit into the interests of Moscow. As for the common interests of Baku and Minsk, here you can pay your attention to the fact that Azerbaijan is at war with Armenia - the member of the CSTO.

- Last week, Georgia has supported Belarus, now it is Azerbaijan. Can we say that the official Minsk is driven into the antiRussian angle?

- One of the recent statements by Saakashvili the President of Georgia was not only in support of Lukashenko, but also was sharply against Yerevan (in support of Baku). In my opinion, they are trying to play with Minsk the geopolitical game, which requires of it much greater responsibility and caution than it is today. Moscow, of course, cannot but rejoice at it.

- How can this threaten the leadership of Belarus?

- It has enough difficulties today. When many politicians and experts are trying to explain what happens in Belarus, one can often hear that the biggest threat to it is the policy, which this leadership pursues today.