Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

In connection with Bialiatski's case the interdepartmental committee was established

Radio Liberty

At the extraordinary closed session of the Foreign Affairs Committee with representatives from the Foreign Ministry and Justice Ministry it was decided to establish the special interdepartmental commission to examine the circumstances of transferring the information on the bank accounts of Belarusian citizens to the official Minsk.

Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament decided to set up the interdepartmental commission which will examine in details all the circumstances and will devise a mechanism to avoid the future situation, where the transfer of legal information in the framework of the Agreement on Juridical Assistance may be used for political purposes. When the parliamentary deputies came from the meeting, the Head of International Affairs Committee of Lithuanian Seimas Emanuelis Zingeris and Minister of Justice said that the deputies discussed everything in great detail and concluded that such misunderstandings and unfortunate situations take place when the contacts of states occurs in legal parlance.

It is recognized that Lithuania has the problem with the neighbor of undemocratic government, and no mechanism has been developed to interact with dictatorial, authoritarian countries in the legal field. Now this mechanism will be developed, but the legal cooperation with Belarus will not be interrupted. Thus, the agreement on legal assistance to Belarus was temporarily suspended and the legal assistance to Belarus will not be provided, but this is only temporarily.

The parliamentarians also said Bialiatski knew about the transmission of information about his account in Belarus, he was at that time in Lithuania, and having this information he decided to return to Belarus.