Updated at 11:59,21-05-2018

Stefan Fule: The subject of political prisoners remains one of the major for EU


The leader of the United Civil Party Anatoly Liabedzka received a letter from Stefan Fule, the European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy. The occasion was the inability of the UCP leader to accept an invitation and to visit Warsaw on June 30, where Fule and Polish Foreign Minister Sikorski met with the leaders of Belarusian opposition.

The European Commissioner's massage in particular states: "I'm sorry that you were not able to attend the meeting on June 30 in Warsaw. It was a very useful meeting, after which I realized that the Belarusian opposition can unite around the particular program and there is great potential for working together towards democratic and European Belarus. I hope to attend the conference of civil society in Minsk in autumn and to continue to discuss these issues

The subject of political prisoners remains one of the major for EU and for me personally, we will seek the release and rehabilitation of all those arrested for political reasons, without any conditions.

With regard to EU policy towards Belarus, the EU imposed sanctions on people, who are responsible for falsifying presidential elections and for conducting the following repressions, thus was introduced the visa ban and the accounts of 192 people were frozen. We also decided to freeze the accounts of three companies linked to the regime, to impose an embargo on arms sales and equipment, which can be used to conduct repressions.

The second direction of our policy is to work with the Belarusian people. We have also invited Belarus to start negotiations on facilitation of visa regime, and I hope the government will respond positively to this initiative.

Be sure in my personal interest in resolving these issues on the road to democracy in Belarus, which will be a full member of European family."