Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Lyabedzka: I'am the politician from Lukashenko's "black list"


The criminal case against United Civil Party leader Anatol Lyabedzka is closed. This announcement the politician received today in the morning.

In an interview to the news portal UDF.BY the UCP leader called the decision to close his case a surprise fallen as "a snowball".

-I think I have chosen the correct algorithm of behavior, not even for a second I didn't stop my political actions and didn't hold to those guidelines, which I suppose were illegally imposed on me, - said Anatol Lyabedzka noting that "the country is entering autumn, and my status of political hostage is not profitable to anyone".

On the question of whether, Anatol Lyabedzka is going to claim compensation for illegal detention in the KGB jail, he replied that he would engage in political activity, rather than spending time to sort out relationships with law machinery.

- All official warnings, administrative terms proceeded only from my political activities. I think its illegal. To appeal?... You can appeal to the court, and when there is only a building with a sign "hall of justice", then this is pointless, - said the politician.

Anatol Lyabedzka stated that for the sake of ending the prosecution he did begin to cooperate with authorities.

- I feel total comfort and harmony with myself, with my conscience. I believe, from this situation - completely wild and absurd - I came out the winner. I did not abandon my principles, views, attitudes. I belong to the few radicals who have taken such an uncompromising position. I really wanted to write a tough large open letter to Lukashenko, and even consulted a lawyer on this matter, because I understood that the solution of my question is not on the level of KGB, nor the prosecutor, nor the Interior Ministry. Today we can state that Anatol Lyabedzka is the politician from Alexander Lukashenko's "black list". All the decisions made on my criminal case, were made by some people in agreement with the Belarusian ruler. It is good that I did not have to write this letter, which I wanted to label "To the head of the investigative group Alexander Lukashenko."