Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Unexpected initiative of Lukashenko

Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko has invited the representatives of all political camps to sit at the "round table" to develop arrangements improving the situation in the country.

"I am as the head of the state suggest to all sensible people who love their country, of whatever political camp they belong to, to sit at a round table, look in each others eyes and really evaluate who is worth of what, and what can be done to effectively improve the situation in the country", said Alexander Lukashenko on Monday in Minsk during the meeting of the pedagogical union activists of Belarus, informs Interfax-West.

"Do you want to fight and struggle - please: fight in open debate, prove your correctness, defend your point of view. But not by the means of pogroms and not by force of arms. Corresponding actions will be stopped immediately", he stressed.

According to the president, "for successful and dynamic development of the country one needs nor revolution and nor street anarchy, but the solidarity of all citizens irrespective of their views and beliefs, a focus on constructive collaboration." "Our strength lies in unity. And the future of Belarus does not need to be decided on squares and barricades, but through dialogue, a normal human conversation", he added.

In addition, A. Lukashenko propose "and the European Union and other European and international institutions, would like to propose the Russian Federation also, to send its representatives to take part in this round table". "Let they by the way look, who is worth of what, which ideas suggests, which goals set for oneself. We are completely open and willing to give them this opportunity," he said.

The president stressed that the path of sanctions against Belarus has no prospects. "Let's talk, and we will come to mutual understanding," he added.