Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

Anatol Lyabedzka's passport is not given to him

Boris Goretsky, specifically for UDF.BY

Despite the closure of the criminal case, they refused to give back the passport to the United Civil Party leader.

We remind, that investigators have already deprived politician of the main document, after the release of UCP leader from prison on parole in April.

According to the answers of the investigative department, Anatol Lyabedzka's passport was "attached" to the criminal case file.

On the eve, the UCP chairman has received through his lawyer the decision to close the case, however, the investigators are still refusing to give back the confiscated belongings.

- I even have in my arms the decision to close the case. It says: "because of not produced evidence of guilt the criminal case is closed". I've just contacted the KGB investigator, despite the fact that there is such a decision, I still haven't got my passport back, as well as the other things they seized during the search.

The right hand does the one thing, the left one the other - this is typical desynchronization of the authorities actions. When Lukashenko makes the strong statements about the round tables and the prospects of some negotiations, it sounds for me personally as the set of populist statements before the day, when the application for the loan is proceeded in IMF. But the Belarusian authorities remains unchanged not a jot: the proof of this - the disenfranchised situation with my documents
, - said the UCP leader in the interview with UDF.BY.

Anatol Lyabedzka believes that the confiscation of his passport is necessary for investigators exclusively for the purpose to neutralize the politician's political activity - already more than half a year, the chairman of one of the largest opposition parties in Belarus has actually no possibility to leave the country.