Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Suzdal'tsev: Lukashenko is afraid that Moscow and Brussels will agree on his removal


Lukashenko, at all costs wants to legitimize his fourth term as president. This can explain his proposal to sit with the opposition at a round table.

Such opinion in the interview with Arguments and Facts expressed the political analyst Andrei Suzdal'tsev.

- Moreover, to negotiations are invited not only political opponents of the regime, but Russia and the EU, - said the expert. - The Belarusian ruler is afraid of this scenario, which is still unlikely, that Moscow and Brussels will agree on his removal behind his back.

Perhaps, the opposition will respond to Lukashenko's call. However, most likely, it will be those people who are on KGB's balance, and are the "pocket" opposition.

The heavy economic crisis, which hit Belarus this year, has nothing to do with Lukashenko's intention to assemble the round table.