Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Political Prisoner Andrei Bondarenko Went on Hungry Strike


Political prisoner Andrei Bondarenko, former independent MP candidate, accused of economic crimes and sentenced without any proof to 7 years of imprisonment with property confiscation, went on hungry strike in prison protesting against the unfair judgment.

"It is a variant of protest. From our side, my colleague and I use all procedure methods, we are preparing a complaint" - Andrei Bondarenko’s lawyer Dmitry Laevsky said.

According to Dmitry Laevsky, Bondarenko is accused of theft, but proves of his guilty were not presented to the court. In addition, his post (business consultant), does not call him a responsible official.

"It is absolutely clear that charges against Andrei are politically motivated. I do not know how long Andrei’s hunger strike will be, but certainly he will not stop it soon" - head of the Political Affairs Committee of the UCP Political Council Alexander Dobrovolsky said.