Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

KGB wrote text for janitor

According to the member of Belarusian Popular Front party Sergey Semeniuk, the criminal case on hooliganism, instituted against him and the party activists Ales Kalita and Maxim Gubarevich, is preparing to be sent on trial.

Radio Racyja reports that Semeniuk talked to woman the janitor of the building on Krapotkin str. in Minsk, where the party's office is situated. The woman takes part in the case as a victim. And she told him how KGB officers had come to her and gave the text of her oral pleading in court:

- I met with the janitor, who is the victim in this criminal case. She admitted that they came to her from the KGB and told the case is preparing for trial. Gave her the two sheets of text with her ​​testimony, which she should testify upon the trial. They said that this text to be studied thoroughly, to use it completely in court, not to say anything more.

According to Semeniuk, the woman is scared, afraid of losing her job, but nevertheless told about the visit of KGB's officers.

More than a week the three accused have not being called to police, which is officially holding the inquest. But on Semeniuk's opinion, the police is preparing the case very fast to bring it before the court, so that they would have no opportunity to prepare properly for the trial.

The incident involving the young people of the BPF party and the building guard where is the party's office took place on August 13. According to them, the guard was drunk and for some reason was at work not on his working hours. He began to cling to those who were going to the party's office, to abuse them, to use bad language. They tried to calm him down, put out of the building and put in a taxi. The incident was over. But two days later, the guard filed a complaint against them to police.