Updated at 17:59,18-10-2018

Lukashenko: Don't believe we will bargain political prisoners with someone

The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko considers possible to resolve contradictions that exist in relations with the EU and to release prisoners, sentenced for the events of 19 December 2010.

"You do not believe what they say and write. That we will bargain the so-called political prisoners with someone. We do not bargain with anyone. If we can do something to ease their (convicted - IF) fate, including the interests of the EU, then we do, we'll do it sincerely", said Alexander Lukashenko in his conversation with Maira Mora the Head of the EU Delegation to Belarus, after the ceremony of the presentation of credentials to the President of Belarus.

During the presentation of credentials, the President said that the Head of the EU Delegation was well aware of the situation in Belarus (M. Mora led the diplomatic mission of Latvia in Minsk - IF). "Even very well. And I hope that her rich experience in the diplomatic service in neighboring Latvia, which is not stranger to our country, will allow to take a proactive stance in the development of Belarusian-European relations. To provide their restart on the principles of equality and mutual respect", said the President of Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko stressed that the EU is "one of the key partners in trade and economic, credit and investment spheres, the important source of advanced technologies". "Together we provide a reliable protection of the European region from the major threats and challenges of our time, together we are fighting against transnational crime, illegal migration, human trafficking, traffic in arms and drugs", quotes the President Interfax-Zapad.