Updated at 18:12,15-06-2018

Fyodor Mirzayanov and Ilya Vasilevich are leaving the country

Belarus Partisan

Recent political prisoners Fyodor Mirzayanov and Ilya Vasilevich, released without an appeal for pardon, said they did not feel safe in Belarus. Both are leaving Belarus in order to obtain higher education abroad.

"I felt completely wasted. I've never thought I could be condemned, haven't thought I could be thrown in jail. All eight months I was waiting for my release. Four times they forced me to write an appeal for pardon; finally released - without an appeal for pardon...

I'm not going to stay in Belarus - unsafe. Those people who put me in prison, remained at large, stayed at positions, some were promoted. There are no perspectives they will be punished",
said Fyodor Mirzayanov on September 22 at a press conference in Minsk. The guy explained, he leaves the country not for ever.

"I'm going to get an education abroad. Than to come back, when the regime change here. I will engage in politics there also, to tell everyone, what they were doing with us here", said Fyodor Mirzayanov.

Another decembrist Ilya Vasilevich are also leaving the country - to receive an education. "We publish the facts of repressions, when we will be safe", said the guy.

"I don't feel free - it's pseudo-freedom. The preventive surveillance allows at any time to draw up three administrative reports, and to put a person in prison. I'm not going to stay in the country", said Ilya Vasilevich.

Fyodor Mirzayanov was sentenced to tree years in medium security colony. Served his sentence in the penal colony № 22 in Ivatsevichi district, Brest region. Released on September 14 by A.Lukashenko's decree, who for the sake of "humanism" pardoned 11 decembrists.

Ilya Vasilevich was sentenced for the events of December 19, 2010 and served his sentence in Mogilev.