Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Iryna Khalip: I don’t know if he is alive


Presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov disappeared.

Andrei Sannikov left a penal colony in Navapolatsk on September 20 and was to arrive in Babruisk on Saturday, September 24.

The wife and lawyer of the politician do not have any information about his location.

"I can say that this is abduction. I don’t know if he is alive. The lawyer was told in the Babruisk colony that Andrei would arrive on Saturday. It turns out that he disappeared in transit. In fact, a person was abducted ahead of the Eastern Partnership summit", Iryna Khalip, the wife of imprisoned presidential candidate, told charter97.org.

"Lukashenka demonstrates that political prisoners will not be freed. Maybe it’s easier to kill them instead of releasing? No man, no problem", Iryna says.