Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Kaliakin: UDF Disorganised by Special-Service agents


The leader of communists in opposition believes that Belarusian special services have activated their efforts to break up democratic forces into small interest groups. What is more, a planned campaign to disintegrate and discredit is being held not only within party coalitions, but also inside political organisations, said the politician 25 October on the 14th special session of the BPC.

According to Siarhey Kaliakin, the deterioration of the economic and social situation due to the world crisis "creates favourable conditions for people to perceive opposition’s ideas and views" on the eve of the presidential election.

"The Belarusian government understands this and increases propagandistic efforts for discrediting democratic forces. It strengthens repression against activists of political parties and other public associations," said the politician. "At the same time the work of special service agents is being activated inside the opposition. The task is not to allow consolidation of democratic forces and to urge them on splitting up into an as much greater as possible number of quarreling segments. I should say that this is being done in a system and professional way".

As the leader of the communists in opposition thinks, this tendency can be clearly observed "on the example of agents’ work on disintegrating the United Democratic Forces".

"The scheme is quite simple and even primitive. With the help of mass media, especially the internet, the thought was inculcated in the minds of many right-wing activists that communists run the show in the UDF, that they are against Belarus’ sovereignty and want Belarus to enter the Russian Federation, that they act against development of integration with the European Union and so on. That is why, according to them, it is time to put an end to the UDF and to create a bloc of national democratic forces without communists and other parties which stand for development of integrational relations with Russia," said Mr. Kaliakin. "Meanwhile, a part of our activists, especially those who don’t take part in the UDF events, have been convinced that the BPC abandoned its own programme goals by working in the UDF and serves interests of right parties that are against cooperation with Russia and for Belarus joining NATO. So the BPC, they think, should urgently leave the coalition and go its own gate."

According to the politician, "the absurdity of their arguments is obvious", because it is impossible to "run the show and serve others’ interests at the same time". However, "this scheme works": the movement "For Freedom" together with the BPF Party, the Belarusian Christian Democracy, and other organisations is completing the formation of the bloc of national democratic forces, Mr. Kaliakin mentioned.

"But it is these new coalitions that have moved struggle against the current political system to the background. They are busy with purging their ranks, struggling with infidels, and fighting for leadership inside the democratic forces. Thus, the authorities have practically reached their goal, using the strategy known since the Roman Empire – divide and rule."

While the UDF coalition is being destroyed, special-service forces are activated to ruin opposition parties from inside as well, thinks Siarhey Kaliakin.

"The actual split took place in the BPF Party. A serious ferment is observed in the United Civil Party, in the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada), the organising committee of the Belarusian Labour Party, the Independent Trade Union of Workers of Radio-Electronic Industry, in the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions."

The BPC leader mentioned the words of Alaksandar Lukashenka said in September 2008. Then the president announced that in a year there would be no opposition in Belarus. This was a start of the campaign of special services on political annihilation of opponents of the authority.

"All this allows us to conclude that there is a planned work on liquidation of the opposition by the start of the presidential election," inferred the politician.

Aliaksandar Kutsitski