Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Organizers of the People's Assembly received warnings from prosecutor's office.


The co-chairs of the People's Assembly's organizing committee Viktor Ivashkevich and Gennady Fedynich received warnings on inadmissibility of participation in an unauthorized action.

Today both politicians were called to the Prosecutor General of Belarus. Meeting at the prosecutor's office took more than two hours. Prosecutors got acquainted with the plans to hold the Assembly at 13 o'clock October 8 on Bangalore Square in Minsk.

After that, the co-chairs of the organizing committee were given an official warning on inadmissibility of the law violation "On mass events".

As Viktor Ivashkevich pointed out in an interview to UDF.BY, politicians have refused to sign the warning. They reported that the People's Assembly will be held October 8 in accordance with the law "On republican and local meetings" and will take place in any case, despite the position of the authorities.

Viktor Ivashkevich said that the government should not violate the citizens rights and also reminded that more than 10 members of the organizing committee of the People's Assembly have been persecuted in different cities of Belarus.