Updated at 22:10,27-11-2020

Belarusian Popular Front party demands to stop political repressions


BPF Party demands the Belarusian authorities to stop political repression in the country. This is said in a special statement issued on October 8 at a meeting of the party's Seim.

The release of political prisoners has started under a public pressure, says the statement. However, this process is not accompanied by a refusal of the authorities from other forms of political pressure - in particular, bringing a charge against political opponents.

The particular worry of the BPF Seim cause the cases, when provocations or a false evidence of straw men appear as grounds for persecution. "From the charges of disorderly conduct, when people were condemned to administrative detention based on false testimonies, the regime moved to using these dirty methods also for a criminal prosecution", said in the statement.

The special indignation and protest of seim aroused by criminal proceedings against the BPF members Ales Kalita, Sergey Semenyuk and Maxim Gubarevich, who are accused of "hooliganism on the basis of a rough provocation".

The BPF seim believes, that the normalization of the situation with human rights and freedoms of citizens in Belarus is possible only under certain conditions:

- All political prisoners must be released;

- All illegally convicted politicians and activists from opposition organizations should be legally rehabilitated;

- All forms of politically motivated persecution to be stopped.

"These priority measures of ending repressions and refusal from political confrontation open the way for a civilized dialogue in society in order to overcome economic and political challenges facing the country", emphasizes the BPF Seim .