Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

EU: Repressive Laws Designed in Belarus


EU sees with concern the consideration of certain legislative acts in Belarus, the adoption of which would severely limit the rights and freedoms of citizens and would represent a step backwards in Belarus’ maintaining human rights and rule of law. This was stated in the EU representation in Belarus on October 19.

In particular, the EU representation is concerned that the draft law that would have made amendments to the law on public associations and other laws regulating political activity would lead to "increased pressure on civil society and political opposition, already operating in difficult circumstances restrictions."

The EU also urges the Belarusian authorities not to accept amendments to the legislation on mass events that "would further restrict the rights of Belarusian citizens and their freedoms of expression and association."

European countries are also concerned about a currently discussed draft law on state security, which is a "threat to fundamental freedoms and the adoption of which would significantly expand the KGB powers."

EU Delegation calls on Belarus not to accept the bills but follow the way to ensure freedom of expression, association and assembly of citizens in accordance with international standards and international obligations of Belarus, including through the promotion of civil society organizations and political parties in the country.