Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Detentions of opposition activists have started in Minsk


At 08:35, Friday, October 21, senior police inspector of Leninski district of Minsk Alexander Tselovus came home to a person, involved in the case of riots, Fiodor Mirzoianov. The police officer, wearing civil clothes, ordered the young man to go with him to the police station. This was reported by friend of Fiodor Mirzoianov, defendant in the "case of December 19," Ilya Vasilevich.

In addition, about 8:30, in Minsk, the security forces in plain clothes arrested the coordinators of the civil campaign "European Belarus," Maxim Viniarski and Ihor Kudlaev. At the same time, three policemen arrived at home of the defendant in the "case of December 19," Dmitri Drozd. The latter was not at home. Early in the morning, another two defendants in the case became unavailable. They are activists of "European Belarus" Sergei Kazakov and Vasili Pafenkov.

The reasons for arrest are not reported, says the press center of the "Charter 97." It is known that the civil campaign "European Belarus" intends to hold a rally of solidarity with the opposition prisoners in the evening on October 21.

Prosecutor General's Office Warned Kazakov

October 20, Prosecutor General of Belarus issued an official warning to Sergei Kazakov not to violate legislation on mass events. The department stated that he was involved in "spreading appeals for unauthorized protests at Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk on October 21 as well as in other parts of the country."

Meanwhile, there were no applications to hold public events on October 21 in the local authorities, said the Attorney General. Sergei Kazakov notified of a possible prosecution for violation of the organization and conduct of such activities.

On May 14, court of the Partisanski District of Minsk sentenced Fiodor Mirzoianov to three years in the reinforced regime colony for involvement in the riots on December 19, 2010 at Independence Square in Minsk. The young man was released on September 14, according to the decree of President Alexander Lukashenko.

Fiodor Mirzoianov and Ilya Vasilevich announced about their intention to leave the country at a press conference on September 22, as in Belarus they did not feel safe. They were going to study abroad.

Belarusian authorities have recently tightened up the responsibility for participating or organizing unauthorized protests. In addition, parties and public associations are banned to receive funding from abroad as well as to keep their money abroad.