Updated at 11:59,19-05-2018

The Supreme Court refused to initiate proceedings against the president


Public activist Nikolay Ulasevich from Astravets district received a response from the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus. There the Supreme Court refused to initiate criminal proceedings against the head of state.

We remind, that Nikolay Ulasevich from Varniany village, one of the coordinators of the public initiative "Nuclear power plant in Astravets is a crime" at the beginning of the month sent a complaint, where he says - the presidential decree № 418 "On the placement and design of nuclear power plant in Belarus" is inconsistent with the Constitution of the Republic Belarus, Article 18 of which states, that the territory of Belarus is a nuclear-free zone, and the state is nuclear-neutral.

In the complaint Nikolay Ulasevich asked the Supreme Court to admit the mentioned decree № 418 as unconstitutional. In its refusal the Supreme Court refers to the Civil Procedure Code, under which it is allegedly impossible to prosecute President of the Republic of Belarus. Nikolay Ulasevich disagrees with such interpretation of legislation, and is going to file an appeal to the Chairman of the Supreme Court.